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Planning for Solar Success

Switching to solar is one of the smartest investments you can make for your home and for the planet. But while energy from the sun is free, turning your rooftop into a clean energy generator does come with a price tag.
How much should I budget for a system that meets my energy needs? How soon can I expect a return on my investment? What financing options are available?

We know you have a lot of questions about going solar, and that financial considerations are likely at the top of your list. Younergy’s experts are here to help demystify the costs of owning and operating a solar energy system, and to educate you on the financial support available to Swiss property owners who adopt clean energy. If you ultimately decide system ownership is not right for you, check out Younergy’s Solar Nation or Solar Abo, which allows you to pay only for the clean energy generated on (Solar Abo) or consumed from (Solar Nation) your rooftop without investment costs!

System Sizing Calculations

No matter the size of your building and its electricity needs, Younergy can help design a solar system that works for you. Here, we break down potential acquisition costs for households of various sizes, taking into account available subsidies and tax deductions (more information on these benefits can be found below). To receive a tailored, obligation-free report on how going solar can impact your property, please contact our team.

Breaking Down System Costs

Like any construction project, the cost to install and connect a solar system will vary based on a number of factors, including system size and technologies selected. It is also important to weigh the short- and long-term benefits of the components you select. For example, certain components might be more expensive to purchase, but can also yield a quicker return on investment. Younergy’s experts are well-versed in every technology we offer and will help guide you through this process!

Below, we will outline the average estimated costs for a 5 kWp solar system and provide some context on what considerations can impact pricing. Of course, we would be happy to provide a customized quote at your convenience.

System Requirement Cost


Solar Panels

~CHF 3.000

Solar panels (also called modules) are the heart of your clean energy ecosystem. A number of technologies are available with varying price points and performance capabilities. For example, while thin film solar modules can cost up to 20% less than crystalline silicon modules, you will need to cover significantly more rooftop area to achieve the same energy output as a smaller, crystalline silicon-based system.


~CHF 2.600

The inverter converts the DC power generated by your solar panels to usable AC power for your building. In addition to system size, the cost of this component is impacted by whether you choose to place inverters at the module, string, or system level. Module- and string-level inverters can help to boost your system’s output, while a centralized inverter offers a more economical option upon purchase.

Mounting System

~CHF 2.000

Younergy’s mounting options will keep your panels securely fastened to the roof of your home or carport. The cost of this component will depend on the size of your system (more solar panels = more to mount) as well as the shape and slope of your rooftop and the design aesthetic you prefer.

Administrative costs

~CHF 900

Electrical Installation

~CHF 2.500

Panels Installation

~CHF 5.000

Total Cost before Subsidy and Tax Deduction

~CHF 16.000

Subsidy and Tax Deduction

~CHF 5.000

Total Investment for 5 kWp

~ CHF 11.000

Save On Upfront Costs and Accelerate Your Return on Investment

Swiss homeowners can access financial aid at the federal and municipal levels, and also generate revenue when they produce excess electricity from their systems. Read on to find out how!

Regional Subsidies

New solar systems in Switzerland are funded in part through the Einmalvergütung (EIV) scheme, which will reimburse you for approximately 30% of your investment costs. Repayment is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, typically within one year of your purchase. Small systems (2 to 100 kWp in size) are eligible for a rebate through the KLEIV program, while larger systems (100 kWp to 50 MWp in size) can receive a one-time payment through the GREIV program. Best of all, Younergy’s expert team will compile an application and submit all the necessary paperwork on your behalf — you simply reap the benefits!

Tax deductions

A number of tax deductions are available to Swiss customers to help cover the costs of clean energy upgrades, including solar and temperature control technologies. These deductions can be split across upfront costs (value-adding investments) and long-term maintenance costs (value-preserving expenditures). Note: Even if you have received a subsidy (see the EIV programs described above), you can still deduct your remaining net investment.

Feed-in tariffs


What happens when your solar system produces more electricity than you can immediately consume? One option is to send the surplus of electricity back into the public grid, for which you will receive remuneration from your local energy supplier. Because the country’s energy policy allows each energy supplier to determine the price it will pay consumers for generating renewable energy, the value of the feed-in tariff varies considerably from region to region. Before your system is installed, our experts will walk you through the current feed-in tariff rates available in your area. Also keep in mind that some companies offer additional remuneration for so-called certificates of origin (Herkunftsnachweis), a mechanism to enhance the transparency of corporate renewable energy generation and use.

However, the best way to capitalize on your solar investment is to maximize self-consumption. With every green kilowatt-hour you use, you avoid paying market price for electricity from your local energy company and instead benefit from the lower solar rate determined by the Swiss feed-in tariff. Younergy can help you boost self-consumption by expanding your clean energy ecosystem. For example, Younergy’s heating and cooling solutions allow you to efficiently control the temperature of your home using power from your solar rooftop. Or, if you own an electric vehicle, you can charge it directly from your solar system with our e-mobility offerings. And, with our solar batteries, you can store your excess energy for use anytime of the day or night.

Contact one of our solar experts today for the latest information on benefits available in your area!

Solar Solutions for Every Home

When it comes to a major decision like adopting clean energy, we know it is important to have options. No matter your needs and preferences, Younergy has a solution to help you go solar on your own terms. See a comparison of our options below to determine which is right for you.

Equipment Cost

Cost Savings




Go solar for zero down

No equipment costs — you only pay for the electricity generated

Electricity costs are the same or lower than local utility rates

Quarterly billing, according to energy generated

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 20 years

Solar Direct

Own your system

Priced according to system size – national and local incentives can cover up to 30% of upfront costs

Average electricity cost savings of 20 to 30% over the lifetime of your system

Multiple financing options available

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 5 years (with optional extension)

Solar Direct

When you’re ready to buy a system to own yourself

  • Equipment CostVaries by system size and components
  • Energy CostNone
  • Contract Duration
    No contract
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty5 years included
  • AdvantagesMaximizes savings and returnsCantonal Subsidy and tax deductionProperty value increase MORE ON SOLAR-DIRECT

Solar Nation

We install and maintain one of our systems on your roof. You only ever pay for the energy that you consume

  • Equipment CostCHF 0.-
  • Energy CostAt least 5% cheaper than the average
    price in your region
  • Contract Duration
    20 years
  • Maintenance
    20 years
  • Warranty20 years
  • AdvantagesNo upfront costFree System Maintenance by our Solar ExpertsOption to buy the system at any time

Solar Abo

We install and maintain one of our systems on your roof. You only ever pay for the energy that the system produces

  • Equipment CostCHF 0.-
  • Energy CostFixed rate per kWh produced
  • Contract Duration
    20 years
  • Maintenance
    20 years
  • Warranty20 years
  • AdvantagesNo upfront costFree Maintenance by our Solar ExpertsOption to buy the system at any time
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