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The Simplest Path to Solar

We believe everyone deserves access to sustainable energy at an affordable price. Younergy’s Solar-Abo helps homeowners achieve the benefits of solar power, without the added responsibility of system ownership. Here’s how it works.

iconPay For the Electricity, Not the Equipment

With the Solar-Abo, Younergy installs and operates a solar system on your rooftop, free of charge. You simply pay for the electricity your system produces, just as you would pay your utility company. And best of all, the price of solar electricity is the same or lower than what you pay for power from the grid.

iconHassle-Free Model

Younergy makes going solar easier than ever. Our team obtains all the necessary paperwork, including building permits, to get a solar system on your rooftop as quickly as possible. Then, because Younergy is the owner of the system, we are also responsible for all warranties and maintenance throughout our partnership. Of course, should you ever have a question or concern, our experts are just a call or email away.

iconAvoid Rising Energy Costs

The Solar-Abo guarantees a fixed, low electricity rate (before CPI indexation) for the 20-year duration of our contract, which protects you from annual price hikes by your regional utility company. Additionally, if the solar system produces more electricity than you consume, you will be paid for every kilowatt-hour fed back into the grid.

iconFlexible Terms

We understand that circumstances change, and we designed the Solar-Abo to evolve with your needs. At any point during the agreement, you can decide to take ownership of the system at a reduced price. And should you decide to sell your home, we can simply transfer the Solar-Abo to the new owner for the remainder of the contract.

Take Control of Your Energy Future
Let Younergy start you on the journey to energy independence by generating green energy on your rooftop — zero investment required.
With the Solar-Abo, your plan for a brighter tomorrow begins today.
Solar Solutions for Every Home
When it comes to a major decision like adopting clean energy, we know it is important to have options. No matter your needs and preferences, Younergy has a solution to help you go solar on your own terms. See a comparison of our options below to determine which is right for you.

Customer profile

Equipment cost


Contract length

Maintenance program

System owner


Financial benefits




Quarterly; fixed rate per kilowatt-hour produced by the system*

 20 years

 20 years


20 years — coverage includes hardware, maintenance and monitoring

Similar or lower energy bills

Solar Direct


Varies by system size

Upon purchase


5 years (with opportunity to extend)?


Manufacturers’ warranties

Lower energy bills

*Prices per generated kWh might be subject to yearly adjustments according to the consumer price index.
Customize Your Energy Upgrades

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to greening energy use. We carefully analyze our customers’ needs and individual preferences to deliver a forward-thinking energy experience that is tailored for success from day one.

In addition to solar systems, customers may choose from a suite of components that further strengthen energy efficiency and independence.

Energy Storage

While adopting solar energy is an excellent way to support the environment without increasing monthly electricity bills, the sun does not shine around the clock. Pairing solar with a storage solution allows customers to capture clean energy during the day for use at a later time, enabling greater control over energy generation and consumption.

We are proud to offer competitively priced solar batteries from some of the most reliable brands on the market, including Sonnen, Tesla, Fronius, and Enphase.

Explore the Eco-Friendly Possibilities

Across the country, demand is growing for innovative energy solutions. Whether you own an older single-family home or are developing a new residential area, Younergy offers the latest technology to optimize buildings of all types. From smart temperature controls to solar carports and charging stations for electric bikes and vehicles, we can connect you with the green amenities pushing Switzerland toward a more sustainable future.

Why Go Solar?

Solar energy is a completely renewable resource that produces zero emissions.

Switching to solar strengthens energy independence without raising electricity costs.

Solar systems require little maintenance over their lifetime.

Solar panels blend nicely into the rooftop and make no sound.

A solar rooftop can significantly increase home value.

Customer Voices

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to updating your energy ecosystem. While we are confident that Younergy is Switzerland’s most trusted clean energy partner, we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

Listen to what our customers have to say below, and explore some of our recent projects.

Mr. and Mrs. Wegmüller

5kWp, Winterthur

The simplicity of the Solar-Abo really impressed us. This solution has allowed us to produce our own solar power without having to invest money. This is a very competent team!

Mr. and Mrs. Schaub

4.5kWp, Schaffhausen

Installing a solar system was one of our best decisions. The company is a reliable and good partner with customer-friendly experts and consultants. We are very satisfied with our choice.

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