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Simplifying Your Path to Clean Energy

Younergy strives to make clean energy accessible to everyone, and our suite of technology and financing options is designed with this idea in mind. Our customizable solutions for residential and commercial properties streamline the process of powering daily life with a solar system, and our expanded offerings help customers maximize self-consumption to achieve the full economic and environmental benefits of clean energy generation. Contact our team to learn more about how we can upgrade your property and guide you toward energy independence.

Discover Which Model Works Best for Your Needs

When it comes to making a long-term decision like switching to renewable energy, we know that it is important to have different options. Regardless of the needs of your household and your personal preferences, which are taken into account in every planning, Younergy offers two solutions for producing solar energy on your roof. Compare our Solar subscription and Solar Direct to find out what suits you.

Equipment Cost

Cost Savings




Go solar for zero down

No equipment costs — you only pay for the electricity generated

Electricity costs are the same or lower than local utility rates

Quarterly billing, according to energy generated

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 20 years

Solar Direct

Own your system

Priced according to system size – national and local incentives can cover up to 30% of upfront costs

Average electricity cost savings of 20 to 30% over the lifetime of your system

Multiple financing options available

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 5 years (with optional extension)

Solar Direct

When you’re ready to buy a system to own yourself

  • Equipment CostVaries by system size and components
  • Energy CostNone
  • Contract Duration
    No contract
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty5 years included
  • AdvantagesMaximizes savings and returnsCantonal Subsidy and tax deductionProperty value increase MORE ON SOLAR-DIRECT

Solar Nation

We install and maintain one of our systems on your roof. You only ever pay for the energy that you consume

  • Equipment CostCHF 0.-
  • Energy CostAt least 5% cheaper than the average
    price in your region
  • Contract Duration
    20 years
  • Maintenance
    20 years
  • Warranty20 years
  • AdvantagesNo upfront costFree System Maintenance by our Solar ExpertsOption to buy the system at any time

Solar Abo

We install and maintain one of our systems on your roof. You only ever pay for the energy that the system produces

  • Equipment CostCHF 0.-
  • Energy CostFixed rate per kWh produced
  • Contract Duration
    20 years
  • Maintenance
    20 years
  • Warranty20 years
  • AdvantagesNo upfront costFree Maintenance by our Solar ExpertsOption to buy the system at any time

Why Younergy?

Streamlined, hassle-free

With Younergy, your path to energy independence has never been simpler. Our team will manage the entire project, from permitting and installation through maintenance and monitoring.

Comprehensive solutions,
tailored to your property

We understand that each building has unique requirements, and its residents have individual needs. By inspecting your property and analyzing energy consumption patterns, our team will help find a solution that is right for you.

Local support,

Our team of experts across the country enables us to respond quickly and diligently to every customer. Before, during and after installation, we are here to help.

Proven technologies
and exceptional coverage

We use only high-quality components from the world’s leading technology manufacturers. Additionally, all of our solutions are supported by industry-best warranties and long-term maintenance programs, guaranteeing your satisfaction over the lifetime of your system.

Environmental contribution

Switching to clean energy is one of the best ways you can enhance your sustainability and fight climate change. Younergy is dedicated to making this transition as easy as possible for all. We also provide solar panels that are more than 95% recyclable!

Long-term savings and energy independence

Generating on-site renewable energy not only saves property owners up to 20% in electricity costs over the lifetime of their system, it also provides a hedge against pricing fluctuations from your regional utility! Take control of your energy future with support from Younergy’s experts.

Design Your Clean Energy Ecosystem

From solar systems to battery storage, from e-mobility to smart heating and cooling, Younergy is your one-stop shop for clean energy upgrades! Our experts are here to design a customized solution to meet your property’s energy needs, within a budget that works for you.


Solar Systems

Power your clean energy ecosystem with the sun. By turning your property into a renewable energy generator, you can simultaneously support the environment and gain independence from your local utility. A solar system makes an attractive addition to your rooftop, carport or land. Younergy works with the most trusted names in the solar industry to bring you high-quality technologies built to last.


Did you know you can fuel your electric vehicle with the clean energy generated on your property? Much like our battery offerings, our e-mobility technologies are a smart way to ensure you are getting the most from your solar system. Younergy offers a number of cutting-edge solutions designed to quickly get you charged up and ready to hit the road.

Heating and Cooling

Say goodbye to your reliance on fossil fuels by connecting your solar system to one of Younergy’s smart heating solutions. These technologies are a far more efficient way to regulate the temperature of your building, which can help you save on monthly energy bills. They can also significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your property!

Battery Storage

With energy storage, you can access solar power at any time of the day or night. When your solar system generates more clean energy than you can immediately consume, this battery technology automatically captures the excess power for use at a later time. Younergy and its network of reliable energy storage vendors are here to help you maximize self-consumption.

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