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Affordable Solar Power for Tenants

Access clean energy while renting an apartment or commercial space.

Going Solar as a Renter

Switching to solar power is one of the best decisions you can make for your budget and for the planet. Historically, only property owners have been able to take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits associated with clean energy — until now.
New energy laws in Switzerland allow tenants to join together and adopt solar power for their homes or workplaces. Younergy is at the forefront of this movement and ready to guide you through the process.

Transforming Your Building Into a Solar Community

A self-consumption community (also known as an ZEV – “Zusammenschluss zum Eigenverbrauch”) is a building or complex that hosts a solar energy system for shared use by its tenants. Thanks to a recent change to Swiss energy laws, community members can opt into an ZEV to access the solar electricity produced on their own roof.
The Younergy team is helping tenants all over Switzerland to adopt clean energy, guiding them each step of the way. Read on to learn how we assist renters in going solar.

By Your Side Throughout the Process

Younergy’s team of experts will lead you through the formation and management of a self-consumption community. Once your neighbors and landlord have agreed to go solar, simply contact Younergy and let us handle the rest!

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your building and its energy needs to determine the technical feasibility and potential financial benefits you can achieve with solar power. With this information, we will develop and present to you a customized solution that includes:

Estimate of energy bill savings with an OCC

Technology recommendations from our robust portfolio of components

Breakdown of administrative requirements in your municipality

Our team will advise and support you in all bureaucratic matters involved with establishing your own self-consumption community. The advantages of being organized in a self-consumption community include:

Cost savings through access to cheaper solar power from your own roof

Higher self-consumption of solar power equates to less feedback into the grid for remuneration at low rates

Reduction of environmental footprint by slashing CO2 production

We take full ownership for project planning, management, and construction. Our team will be on site at your community until the control system is put into operation, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere. Our services include:

Tailored recommendations on solar modules and additional components

System integration and configuration, as well as connection to the grid

Swift, reliable construction for minimum disruption to your home or business

Once your solar system is installed and connected to the grid, we will assist you with administration and billing through a simple online interface. We will also monitor and maintain your system remotely to ensure smooth operation over its lifetime.

Monitoring of electricity production and consumption

Hassle-free system diagnostics and maintenance

Easy-to-understand invoicing

How Much Does It Cost?

Younergy’s solar solution for tenants is the easiest way for renters to participate in the clean energy revolution, while also delivering benefits to the property owner. With our proven financial model, neither you nor the landlord are responsible for system ownership or operation – you simply pay for a portion of the electricity it generates!
Contact our clean energy experts today to get an in-depth look at our solar solutions and how they can benefit tenants and property owners.

System Management and Billing

Your self-consumption community can determine whether Younergy or one of our trusted energy control partners will assume control over the management and billing aspects of your system. No matter which path you choose, we ensure you will receive hassle-free, responsible service at all times.

Regular communication with community members

Routine billing based on electricity consumption

Accurate metering

Personalized customer support

Easy-to-understand invoicing

Comprehensive Management

Precise system analysis
Electricity production and consumption statistics
Streamlined billing
Customer support

*Performed by Younergy or a trusted energy control partner.

You have the power to transform your community into a clean energy powerhouse! Get the ball rolling today to realize the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to form a self-consumption community (ZEV) with my neighbors. How do I start?

Forming an ZEV has never been easier! If you and your neighbors are ready to go solar, simply get in touch with your landlord to present your proposal and encourage him/her to contact Younergy. We will work with the property owner to explore the shared financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.

How much will my solar electricity cost?

Your electricity costs will depend on several factors, including the size of the solar system, the number of members in your self-generation community, and the amount of electricity you consume. You can maximize your energy savings by making simple adjustments to your electricity consumption patterns to better match peak solar generation (midday) whenever possible. Additionally, many of today’s “smart” appliances and devices can be programmed to automatically draw power during periods of peak solar generation.

How does billing work?

Invoices are issued directly from Younergy or a trusted energy control partner on a quarterly basis, following an assessment of the building’s overall electricity consumption. With the help of smart energy meters, each user can be billed according to a precise calculation of their individual consumption (including electricity from both the solar system and the power grid).

How long does installation take?

On average, solar system installation is completed within seven (7) business days. Before construction of your system begins, Younergy will deliver a customized plan detailing the timeline of installation.

Will my building be without power during the installation?

We will require approximately 15 minutes of power outage during meter replacement. Aside from this brief disruption, we make every effort to mitigate inconvenience to your home or business throughout the construction process.

Can I leave or opt out of the self-consumption community?

Depending upon the terms of your rental agreement, a tenant can refuse to participate in the self-generation community. After signing an agreement, tenants can leave the self-consumption community under certain circumstances:

  • when demand for market access exists (consumption greater than 100,000 kWh / year).
  • when the property owner fails to provide access to secure electricity supply.
  • when the OCC charges an unjustified price.
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