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Solar energy for your business

Produce your own solar power – without investment costs


Younergy Solar Contracting

When switching to a Younergy Solar-Abo for businesses we finance, design, install and maintain a complete solar system on the roof of your company’s building at no cost. You only pay for the clean, solar electricity the system produces and will receive a normal quarterly electricity bill.
There are no further costs.


In most regions, our solution is cheaper than the peak-hour electricity tariff offered by your local utility. Thus, your company saves money.


While network tariffs vary constantly, our rates are fixed, so you know exactly how much you are paying for energy every single year.


Obtaining planning permission, installation, grant applications, scaffolding… Younergy takes care of everything, so that you can concentrate on what is most important to you.


We always use the best materials. But if something breaks, don’t worry: all maintenance, insurance and repair is included in our service during the entire length of the contract.


Our systems are tailored to your needs and can be extended over time. At any time, you can also choose to buy the system from Younergy and make it your own.


With Youdera, our production monitoring platform, you can analyse your electricity production and consumption in real time to further improve the use of your solar energy.


A solar system allows you to take a big step towards energy independence. Draw electricity to run your appliances directly from your roof.


The production of renewable energy on your company’s roofs is a concrete proof of your commitment to a sustainable future. Let your customers know that you care about the environment.

No matter your industry, we have the right solution for you

Younergy is one of Switzerland’s largest solar contracting providers. Our experience spans across all public and private sectors going from small businesses to large industrial ones. Click below to see examples of our work done so far to get an idea of what your building soon could do for you.

Public buildings




Real estate

Ecublens (VD) – Garage Vaucher

Production: 20’000 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomie: 28%
Install Date: August 2020

Morges (VD) – Public School

Production: 164’000 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: 50%
Install Date: August 2020

Puidoux (VD) – Restaurant

Production: 22'700 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 38%
Install Date: May 2021

Collombey-Muraz (VS) – Café Central

Production: 10'500 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: 24%
Install Date: November 2019

Satigny (GE) – Skynight

Production: 33'110 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: 27%
Install Date: July 2019

Eiken (AG) – Art Car GmbH

Production: 19'400 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 31%
Install Date: December 2019

Echallens (VD) – Weinmann Energies

Production: 33'165 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 48%
Install Date: September 2020

Aigle (VD) – Groupe Mutuel

Production: 15'053 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 79%
Install Date: May 2020

Arnex-sur-Orbe (VD) – Artisanal Hall

Production: 60'700 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 54%
Install Date: March 2020

Borex (VD) – Gallay Horticulteurs

Production: 20’928 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: Not tracked
Install Date: February 2020

Payerne (VD) – La Palaz C

Production: 85'600 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 36%
Install Date: June 2019

Givisiez (FR) – Green Offices

Production: 30'000 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: 75%
Install Date: July 2019

Seigneux (VD) – Menuiserie

Production: 31'860 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: Not tracked
Install Date: May 2019

Chandon (FR) – Farm House

Production: 36'855 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: 246%
Install Date: October 2021

EVAM – Bex (VD)

Production: 31'434 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: Unknown
Install Date: November 2021

Aubonne (VD) – WTS GCO SA

Production: 80'768 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Abo
Autonomy: Unknown
Install Date: December 2021

Satigny (GE) – Skynight Extension

Production: 148'152 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: Unknown
Install Date: June 2022

Vernier (GE) – Emeraude

Production: 57'072 kWh/year
Financed with: Solar Direct
Autonomy: Unknown
Install Date: June 2022
Join Switzerland’s largest decentralised solar power plant

With our contracting solutions, we are Switzerland’s largest provider of decentralised solar energy. We produce and deliver your electricity right there where you need it the most. As we own the plant on your roof, you will never have to deal with insurance or maintenance during the contract’s lifetime. You just enjoy clean and cheap energy.


Satisfied Customers

2300 MWh

Solar Energy Per Year

2373 Tonnes

CO2 Saved Per Year

Our more than 500 satisfied customers produce 2,4 GWh in electricity per year with our system on their roofs, making the Solar Nation Switzerland’s largest decentralised solar plant. For comparison, the largest centralised power plant in Switzerland is run by Migros and produces 5,2 GWh.

Check our installed projects →

See how our decentralised solar power plant is distributed across Switzerland →

Buy to own or only pay for the energy?

With Younergy, you can either invest into a PV-system by buying it to own yourself, or you can choose to only pay for the solar energy that we produce directly on your roof. With Solar Nation, we install a high-quality solar system, covering as much of your roof as possible, and insure and maintain it for the entire duration of the contract. You have no cost for the material, installation or maintenance and only pay for the energy that you consume. The rest will be fed into the grid by us, to power other buildings in Switzerland, contributing to a faster energy transition.

Solar Nation

Be part of the revolution: We install a solar system on your roof for free – you only pay for the energy you use.

No equipment costs — you only pay for the electricity you consume

Electricity costs are the same or lower than local utility rates

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage throughout

Solar Direct

Solar Direct is for anyone who wants to buy their solar system to own.

Priced according to system size — national and local incentives can cover up to 30% of upfront costs

Average electricity cost savings of 20 to 30% over the lifetime of your system

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 5 years (with optional extension)


Do I really bear absolutely no installation costs?

Yes, you have zero installation cost. Younergy pays for the system, its installation and maintenance. You only pay for the energy that you consume. There are no hidden costs.

Can you guarantee a good system quality?

Yes, all our installations are top quality systems only using the latest technology. In order to make our business model commercially viable to us, it is essential that we use only the best available equipment that produced the maximum amount of energy and stands for a long time reliably. If the system becomes faulty, we repair is as fast as possible.

Can I buy the system if I change my mind?

Yes, if you wish to own the solar system yourself, you can buy the it off Younergy at any time in the future you like for a fair price.

How does Younergy make its return?

We sell the produced energy to you and what you don’t use yourself, we sell to the grid. We take a certain amount of risk doing this, as the rates for feeding electricity into the grid fluxtuate over time. However, we guarantee that the energy we sell to you is always competitive with what you pay for the same amount of energy if you consumed it from the grid.

What if I choose to sell my building?

If you sell your building, the new building owner simply takes over the energy supply contract. We already had customers selling their buildings and it was a smooth transfer.

Do I still have to pay my utility directly?

The solar system on your roof can produce many times the amount of energy that you consume, but because production patterns are often different from consumption patterns, you will only be able to use a part of it yourself. How much exactly, depends on your daily routine, but it will be likely around 30%. The remaining energy still has to come through the grid and you have to pay your utility directly for this.

What happens when the duration of the contract expires?

When the contract expires, you can decide to extend it, install a new system with a new contract, or take the system down. In this case, the solar panels as well as the entire electrical equipment will be recycled responsibly with a recycling center specialised on solar technology.

Is it possible to add a solar battery?

If you want to add a battery, simply choose so in the first step of qualifying your roof. However, because of the additional price, we might not be able to offer you a price that you find competitive compared with the rates of your local grid. If, however, you are willing to pay a premium price for maximisung the consumption of your own production, and to back up your entire building from potential blackouts, you might consider a system including a battery.