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Younergy offers high quality solar systems to affordable prices. Our solar experts help you design a system that fits best with the way you use energy in
your home. Since we work with certified installers throughout Switzerland, you will get the reliable service and fast installation that only a regional
installer can offer. We also include a 5 year free warranty and maintenance package with all our systems so you can fully enjoy your solar power without
having to worry about anything.





Free Offer

Contact us and we will create a free and unbinding offer for you.


technical visit

We come to your house to look at your roof and answer any questions you may have.



Our regional installer contacts you to set up an appointment for the installation.


Produce Your Own Power

As soon as the installation is done you can enjoy green energy directly from your roof.


When you buy a solar system from us, everything is included. No Hidden costs – just top quality products
and great customer service.

Top Quality Materials and Performance

All our solar panels, inverters, and batteries come from branch leading manufacturers. These include brands such as Tesla, Fronius, SolarEdge,
Qcell, Aleo, and LG Chem.

Five Years Extended Warranty and Maintenance

Apart from the manufacturer warranty, which is usually 20 years, we include a five year maintenance package for all our solar products. Our
regional installers and technicians are always just one call away.

Regional Installers Throughout Switzerland

One of the most important things when getting a solar system is to have the security of a regional installer. At Younergy we work with some of the
best installers in Switzerland in order to be able to offer our products and services in almost every canton.

Monitor Your Production and Usage

Each solar and battery system we install comes with a state of the art monitoring system, including an easy to use app. It lets you see how much of
the solar electricity you use and allows you to become even more energy efficiant.

All Inclusive and No Hassle

In contrast to many of our competitors, our solar systems are full service packages. We take care of installation, scaffolding, and all the paperwork involved in getting a solar system, including building permit. We even collect your federal subsidies for you. It’s all included in the price.

What are the Real Savings of a Solar System?

A Younergy Solar System is not only a green choice for the future, it is also a smart investment where you can save thousands of Francs. Here you can see how much an average Swiss solar system will save you over 20 years.

Total Produced Energy:113 MWh
Total CO2 Savings:56,6 Tons
Total Cash Savings:10’155 CHF

These numbers are calculated based on a 5.5kWp solar system with a
boiler controller. It does not take a rise in grid electricity prices into
consideration, which will lead to even higher savings the displayed here


* For solar systems there is no one-size-fits-all. We carefully analyze and listen to every customer’s specific needs and wishes.
This, of course, includes adding further components to your solar system such as batteries, heat controllers and other features
you as a customer may want for your energy efficient home.


While a solar system is one of the best sources of green energy, a storage solution allows for an even higher consumption of solar power. Our competitively priced solar batteries make it possible to move even further toward complete energy independence. As a leader in Swiss solar power, we some of the most reliable brands on the market, including Sonnen, Tesla, Fronius, and Enphase. Here you can read more about our storage options.


As we are making the move toward more energy efficient homes, the demands for innovative power solutions increases. Designed to automatically use excess solar power in order to increase solar energy usage, a heat controller is a relatively inexpensive device that allows you to decrease your electricity bills even more, improve energy independence, and enjoy automatic on-the-go device control. Ask one of our solar experts for how you can connect a heat controller to your solar system


To get in touch with one of our solar experts, please call the number below,
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We are always there to answer any questions you have about the Solar Community or any other of our solar solutions.

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