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Take Control Of Your Energy With
Your Own Solar System

Younergy’s Solar Direct

For customers who want to take full control of their energy future, Younergy offers customized, high-quality solar systems at affordable prices. Our solar experts will help you design a system for your rooftop, carport or property that meets your unique energy needs. Younergy works exclusively with certified system installers located across Switzerland, meaning you will receive reliable, personalized service throughout the construction and connection process. Our systems also come standard with a free 5-year warranty and maintenance package, allowing you to get a hassle-free solar experience from day one.

The Younergy Difference

When you purchase a solar system from Younergy, what you see is what you get. Our comprehensive packages are designed to provide everything you need to go solar, with no hidden costs or headaches.

Quality Materials for Exceptional Performance

Our network of technology providers include some of the industry’s most trusted names in solar panels, inverters and batteries. From Tesla, Fronius, and SolarEdge to Q Cells, Aleo, and LG Chem, you are sure to find what you need in our robust portfolio of top-notch products.

Easily Monitor Your Energy Production and Usage

Each Solar Direct system we install includes a state-of-the-art monitoring system with an easy-to-use mobile app. This technology allows you to quickly see how much solar electricity you produce and compare this to how and when you consume energy. This assessment can help you identify opportunities to further enhance your energy efficiency.

Extended Warranty and Maintenance

In addition to manufacturers’ warranties, which typically cover a period of 20 years, Younergy provides a 7-year maintenance package with all of our Solar Direct systems.

All-Inclusive, No-Hassle Service

In contrast to many of our competitors, Younergy is a one-stop shop for all your solar needs. For one price, we take care of you at every step, from permitting and paperwork through system installation and operation. We even connect you with federal subsidies to ensure you have access to the maximum financial support available.

Trusted Local Support

When considering an investment as important as switching to solar energy, nothing provides more peace of mind than knowing you have local, trustworthy partners by your side. Younergy proudly offers reliable, fast, and local installation support, as well as regional engineering teams, thanks to our ever-expanding network of offices across Switzerland.

Comprehensive Clean Energy Solutions

Younergy is the ideal partner to design, plan and install a complete clean energy ecosystem tailored to your property. Whether your goal is to maximize self-consumption of your green electricity, charge your electric vehicle, or more efficiently control the temperature of your building, our energy experts will gladly guide you through the possibilities.

How Does It Work?

Depending on your property’s needs, Younergy can connect your solar system in as little as four months. Our experts will guide you through each stage of the project, as well as life as a new solar consumer, to make your clean energy transition as easy as possible.

Free Offer

Tell us a little about your property and your energy needs, and we will compile a customized estimate of how much you can save by going solar.

Technical Consultation

We visit your property to analyze its solar potential and answer any questions you might have.


Our network of reliable, regional contractors will ensure your system is installed safely and on schedule.

Produce Your Own Power

Sit back and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of switching to solar!

How Much Can You Save With Solar Energy?

Going solar with Younergy is not only a responsible choice for the future, it is also a smart investment that can save you thousands of Francs over the lifetime of your system. Here, we break down the economics of an average Swiss solar system. These figures are calculated based on a 5.5 kWp system with a heat controller. Note that it does not take into consideration a rise in grid electricity prices, which will lead to even higher savings.

Total Produced Energy:

113 MWh

Total CO² Savings:

56,6 Tons

Total Cash Savings:

10155 CHF

Each customer’s costs and savings will depend on a number of factors, including system size and equipment selected. For more information, please visit our Costs page.

Customize Your Energy Upgrades

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to greening energy use. We carefully analyze our customers’ needs and individual preferences to deliver a forward-thinking energy experience that is tailored for success from day one.
In addition to solar systems, customers may choose from a suite of components that further strengthen energy efficiency and independence.

Energy Storage

While adopting solar energy is an excellent way to support the environment without increasing monthly electricity bills, the sun does not shine around the clock. Pairing solar with a storage solution allows customers to capture clean energy during the day for use at a later time, enabling greater control over energy generation and consumption.

We are proud to offer competitively priced solar batteries from some of the most reliable brands on the market, including Sonnen, Tesla, Fronius, and Enphase.

Explore the Eco-Friendly Possibilities

Across the country, demand is growing for innovative energy solutions. Whether you own an older single-family home or are developing a new residential area, Younergy offers the latest technology to optimize buildings of all types.

From smart temperature controls to solar carports and charging stations for electric bikes and vehicles, we can connect you with the green amenities pushing Switzerland toward a more sustainable future.

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