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When developing the Solar Community we wanted to make sure that as many as possible could enjoy it. We offer tailored solutions for single apartment or office buildings as well as for large scale housing developments.

Owners of Existing Buildings

You don’t have to be a large real estate developer to take advantage of the Solar Community. Do you own an apartment building or any other property in which you sublet space for housing, offices, or any other type of business operation? Contact us and we will asses your property for free. While roof structure and the size of the building could be determining factors, there is no limit how old the property may be.

Owners and Tenants of Apartments or
Office Space

Do you own or rent an apartment or office space in a building with multiple tenants and want to lower your utility bill? Contact your landlord or building manager and ask them to get in touch with us for a free assessment of their property. You can also write or call us directly and we will be happy to speak with the owner of the building. By coming together we can achieve a greener future with lower utility costs for tenants and owners alike.

Real Estate Developers

Regardless of the size of your portfolio, the Solar Community is the perfect product for holders and developers of real estate. A Solar Community allows for substantial savings to both holders and developers of housing and office buildings. In fact, a Solar Community improves property performance both through the lower operating expenses and by boosting top-line revenue.




Solar is good business. As building owner, you can differentiate your property with solar power. Why not offer solar power
systems on your buildings at no cost to you? The Younergy Solar Community lets you upgrade your houses with solar power
systems that renters home buyers alike want without adding to the purchase price.


Utility costs are volatile. A Solar Community helps you secure low, predictable energy rates for up to 25 years. From day one we fix the price of our solar power to a price below the current cost of energy from the grid. Consequently, all parties are guaranteed savings as well as partly protected from fluctuating energy prices from day one. Research show that Switzerland’s energy costs will go up at a steady rate over the next 20 years. The Solar Community let’s you sit back unaffected by such price hikes.


All Solar Community solutions comes with an advanced monitoring system, which allows you to follow both your production and self consumption. Our 24/7 monitoring also ensures your system is up and running and performing as promised. No weather adjustments and no risk for underperformance. And since our monitoring system allows everyone to easily visualize their energy usage, it will be possible to find ways to optimize and control the way you or your company uses its power.


Since the Solar Community lets multiple users share the energy from a solar system, the self consumption rates are much higher than for other users. Not only will you produce and consume green energy right where it is used. You will significantly lower your consumption of grey electricity, which is usually produced and transported over great distances. The more solar energy that is consumed where it is generated, the closer we get to a more energy independent future.


Solar can also raise top-line revenues for landlords. Buildings with solar and efficiency attributes produce higher rents and lower vacancy, according to the Department of Energy. In sustainability-minded markets such as Switzerland companies want to represent their brand in a socially-conscious manner and customers frequently seek out these attributes. Accordingly, properties with solar can command higher prices.


Younergy is an all-in-one solar energy provider. Our team takes care of every part of your project, including financing, custom system engineering, installation and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring. Naturally this also includes all the paperwork leading up to the installation of the solar system. This means that you can have all the financial and environmental benefits of the Solar Community without any hassle for you or your tenants.


For house owners who want to share the power of a solar system with it’s tenants, the process of dividing up the bill can sometime be tedious and difficult. As a full-service provider, Younergy sets up the billing for all participants. There are only two real changes in the billing process for our Solar Community customers. The first one is that the name of the power supplier changes from your local utility company to that of Younergy. The other change is, of course, that your bill will be lower than ever before.


For solar systems there is no one-size-fits-all. In order to build the Solar Community that creates high self consumption of
solar power as well as the lowest possible prices for both owners and tenants, we carefully analyze and listen to every customer’s
specific needs and wishes. This includes adding further components to the Solar Community such as batteries, carports,
charging stations, heat controllers, and other features you as a customer would like for your building.


While a solar system is one of the best sources of green energy, a storage solution allows for an even higher consumption of solar power. Our competitively priced solar batteries makes it possible to move even further toward complete energy independence. Depending on the size, configuration, and energy needs of the house, Younergy will help interested customers to assemble a storage solution perfectly tailored to the Solar Community.


As we are making the move toward more energy efficient homes, the demands for innovative power solutions grows larger. Regardless if you own an older building or if you are in the process of developing a new residential area, we can help with the amenities that an increasing number of tenants are asking for. This includes carports, charging stations for e-bikes and e-cars, integrated heat controllers, and much more. Our goal is to create the Solar Community that fits your needs and requirements.

Apartment Building With 26 Units in Zürich

Electricity Price:23 Rp/kWh19 Rp/kWh
Yearly Energy Costs:CHF 22’770CHF 18’810
Solar Energy Usage:n/a40%
CO2 Savings:n/a54.75 Tons per Year

Total Savings

First YearCHF 3’960
Over 20 Years CHF 79’200


To get in touch with one of our solar experts, please call the number below, write us an email at solar-, or simply fill out the form and we will get back to you right away. We are always there to answer
any questions you have about the Solar Community or any other of our solar solutions.

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