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The Solar-Abo was created to allow all households in Switzerland to go solar and at the same time make long term savings. This means you can benefit from a high quality solar system on your roof without having to invest one single Franc.

Owners of Existing Buildings

With a Solar-Abo Younergy installs a solar system on your roof for free. You only pay for the electricity the system produces.


A Solar-Abo let’s you sit back and relax while we take care of all paperwork and permits from beginning to end.


In addition to the benefit of not having to pay for the solar system, we provide free maintenance of the system for the duration of the Solar-Abo.




When developing the Solar-Abo, we had two main goals. First we wanted to find a way for everyone to enjoy green
and sustainable energy without having to spend too much money. Our second objective was to make this as easy
as possible for the customers. Below you can see how it works.


One of the primary benefits with a Solar-Abo is that it does not involve any investment costs. How is this possible? It is quite simple. Younergy installs a solar system on your roof for free. In return, you pay for the electricity the system produces. Since the price for the solar electricity is lower than what you pay for grey electricity from the grid, you can count on long term savings while at the same time enjoying green electricity directly from your roof.


Getting a solar system could be both time consuming and difficult. Getting a Solar-Abo on the other hand, is easy. We obtain all the necessary paper work, including building permit and all other documents needed to get the installation started. And since Younergy is the de facto owner of the solar system, we are also responsible for warranty and maintenance throughout the duration of the contract. And whenever you have a question, our solar experts are just a phone call away.


We guarantee a fixed low electricity rate (before CPI indexation) for the duration of the contract, which protects you from yearly price hikes by your regional utility company. If the solar system produces more electricity than you consume, you will be remunerated for the surplus that is fed back into the grid. In fact, the more energy you use from the solar system on your roof, the more money you will save. In the long run this means real saving of up to 5000 CHF over the duration of the Solar-Abo contract.


When entering a long term contract, it always feel safe to know that you have options down the road. If you at any point during the contract decide that you want to own the system on your roof, you can always buy it at a reduced price. We have also simplified the transfer of the Solar-Abo in case you were to sell your house so that the new owner can take over the remainder of the contract. If you want to know more about the possibilities, take a look at our FAQ or simply contact one of our solar experts.


For solar systems there is no one-size-fits-all. We carefully analyze and listen to every customer’s specific needs and wishes.
This, of course, includes adding further components to your Solar-Abo such as batteries, heat controllers and other features
you as a customer may want for your energy efficient home.


While a solar system is one of the best sources of green energy, a storage solution allows for an even higher consumption of solar power. Our competitively priced solar batteries makes it possible to move even further towards complete energy independence. As a leader in Swiss solar power, we offer some of the most reliable brands on the market, including Sonnen, Tesla, Fronius, and Enphase. Here you can read more about our storage options.


As we are making the move toward more energy efficient homes, the demands for innovative power solutions grows larger. Regardless if you own an older building or if you are in the process of developing a new residential area, we can help with the amenities that an increasing number of tenants are asking for. This includes carports, charging stations for e-bikes and e-cars, integrated heat controllers, and much more. Our goal is to create the Solar Community that fits your needs and requirements.

Long Term Savings with the Solar-Abo

  • Grid Electricity Price
  • Younergy Solar-Abo Price


Apart from being a way for Swiss households to go green without any investments, the Solar-Abo also saves you money in the long run. In the chart to the left you can see how the prices from your utility company will rise over then next years while the price for the Solar-Abo is only slightly adjusted to the consumer price index. This means savings of up to 5000 CHF. And the best part is: the more solar energy you use, the more money you save.*

* The saving rate is dependent on how much energy prices will rise in the future. Federal research predicts a low estimate of around 2% per year. Savings are also determined by the amount of solar power you use. The higher the self consumption, the higher the savings


Before you make a decision, listen to what our customers have to say. You can also take a look at some of our
recently installed solar systems.

Herr und Frau Bacher

3.6kWp Ottenbach

Herr und Frau Wegmüller

Die Einfachheit des Solar-Abos hat uns wirklich beeindruckt. Diese Lösung hat es uns erlaubt, unseren eigenen Solarstrom zu produzieren, ohne dafür Geld investieren zu müssen. Ein sehr kompetentes Team!

5kWp Winterthur

Herr und Frau Schaub

Die Installation eines Solarsystems war eine unserer besten Entscheidungen. Die Firma ist ein verlässlicher und guter Partner mit kundenfreundlichen Experten und Beratern. Wir sind mit unserer Wahl überaus zufrieden.

4.5kWp Schaffhausen


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