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For more than four decades, a Vouvry-based landlord has owned and operated a building containing 12 individual apartments. The building was heated with an inefficient oil-based unit, which it shared with a neighboring building. When the landlord sought to separate the temperature control systems for the two buildings, he discovered it would not be possible to repurpose the existing boiler, nor to connect the building to the city’s gas infrastructure. Upon assessment, the landlord determined the most economical and energy-efficient solution would be to modernize the building and adopt heat pump technology.

After considering a number of potential clean energy partners, the building owner selected Younergy to upgrade the property’s heating and cooling system. Not only did Younergy offer more competitive pricing than other providers, but it was also the only company that believed the landlord’s energy goals could be achieved with just two heat pumps. Every other organization the landlord interviewed insisted upon a third pump, which equated to higher costs for installation and operation.

The Younergy team diligently analyzed the building’s energy needs and worked closely with the landlord to determine which technology would be right for this project. Younergy’s experts ultimately recommended and installed two Panasonic T-CAP 16-kW heat pumps. These units are designed to perform at full power in temperatures as low as -15°C, which is a necessity given the often frigid climate in Vouvry.

Project Overview

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Vouvry, VS

Younergy Solution:


System Size:

2 x 16 kW


2 Panasonic T-CAP 16 high efficiency A-Class heat pumps


October 2019


The system worked perfectly from day one, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this collaboration.


Following installation, the Younergy team trained the landlord on how to achieve the full benefits of his new system. By intelligently adjusting the settings on the building’s heat pumps, he can better meet the energy needs of his tenants and enhance the overall efficiency of his property.

“As a veteran contractor, I was eager to oversee every aspect of this project,” the landlord noted. “I was very pleased with the professionalism of the Younergy staff from planning through construction. The system worked perfectly from day one, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this collaboration.”

Based on the initial results of his new heating and cooling solution, the landlord is considering a solar system from Younergy in 2020.

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