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Heatpump Heating Solutions

Keep your building comfortable with eco-friendly technology

Energy-Efficient Temperature Control

Heat pumps are an affordable, efficient way to regulate temperature in your building. Rather than burning fossil fuels, heat pumps draw energy from the outdoor environment — that is, from the air, soil, or groundwater — and convert it into warm air through a mechanical process that can be powered by your solar system or electricity from the local grid.

Whether you are planning a new construction project or renovating an existing property, Younergy is here to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. Speak with our energy experts today to learn more about how we can customize a high-quality technology solution to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Heat Pump Technology?

Heat pumps offer a number of unique benefits when compared to traditional heating methods.

Enhance energy efficiency

Heat pumps are far more efficient than fossil fuels at converting energy to heat and can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to make your building’s temperature more comfortable.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Traditional heating and cooling systems powered by oil, gas or wood are the largest producers of carbon dioxide in a building. Because heat pumps rely on electricity, they emit no pollutants and significantly decrease carbon footprint.

Access state subsidies and tax benefits

Substantial tax credits are available to many property owners who upgrade their buildings with energy-efficient technologies. You may also qualify for regional support programs.

Boost your property value

Upgrading your energy system is one of the smartest investments you can make as a property owner. Modern, low-maintenance heating and cooling can significantly increase resale value.

Reduce your heating costs

Because heat pumps produce 3-4 kWh for each kWh of electricity they consume, installing this technology can help you slash monthly energy bills. By pairing a heat pump with a solar system, you will also increase self-consumption of the renewable energy generated at your property for an additional economic benefit.

Gain energy independence

Connecting a heat pump to your solar system is a major step toward building a clean energy ecosystem. Pairing these green technologies can further reduce your reliance on a regional utility company and protect you from the rising costs of energy from fossil fuels.

Expert Advice and Turnkey Solutions for Every Property

The Younergy team has multiple years of experience with energy-efficient heating technologies. Our experts are here to manage every step of your project, from paperwork through installation and beyond. Younergy is also certified according to the standards set by the PAC system-module, a collaborative effort by heat pump providers and installers in coordination with SuisseEnergie to streamline the integration of reliable heat pump technologies across Switzerland. By ensuring that participants adhere to consistent design and quality protocols, the system-module PAC significantly reduces the time and cost required to plan, install and maintain energy-efficient solutions.

Environmentally friendly technology

Tax advantages for energy upgrades, according to cantons

Smart technology identifies opportunities to further enhance energy efficiency

Reliable solutions from proven brands

Water Heat Pump

Short- and long-term economic benefits

Available for new or existing buildings

Seamless integration with solar systems

Customized, turnkey packages

Trustworthy maintenance and repair services

Unparalleled Quality Assurance

Thanks to our technical excellence and robust portfolio of innovative products, Younergy has earned an unbeatable reputation as a trusted partner for high-quality clean energy ecosystems.

We guarantee that each project is completed to an exacting degree of operational safety, backed by ironclad documentation and responsive, local customer service. We work exclusively with providers of high-quality components and FWS-certified WP system modules, including Stiebel Eltron and Panasonic, to deliver maximum energy efficiency and durability.

Smart heating and cooling systems are major contributors to Switzerland’s climate protection goals. To ensure consistent quality and service, the Swiss Heat Pump Association (FWS) offers a rigorous training program whereby professionals can become FWS-certified partners. Younergy employees attend regular training sessions to stay up to date on the latest technologies and processes, and are qualified to install systems with a heating output of up to approximately 15 kW for both new buildings and retrofit projects.

FWS-certified WP system modules offer both temperature regulation and hot water production, making them the most energy-efficient heat pump technology on the market. Over the lifetime of a system, the average property owner achieves two additional years of free temperature control and hot water production when compared to an average heat pump without a system module. Customers who install an FWS-certified system acquire a state-of-the-art heat pump that meets high quality requirements. Best of all, this technology costs the property owner no more than a comparable heat pump system without a module.

Financial Support for Energy Efficiency Projects

Did you know that the Swiss government financially supports measures that reduce a property’s energy consumption and lower carbon footprint? Whether you are constructing a new building, replacing your existing climate control technology, or exploring a total renovation of your energy system, you might be eligible for a number of incentives at the national, cantonal and local levels. Every heating and cooling solution offered by Younergy qualifies for subsidies awarded based on the selection of climate-friendly heat pump technology.

Financial benefits with Younergy:

  • From CHF 4,000 cantonal subsidy for your heat pump depending on the canton.
  • CHF 1,000 cantonal subsidy for a CECBⓇ Plus audit
  • Access to your municipality’s best incentive grant
  • No-hassle savings: Younergy manages all administrative procedures and grant requests on your behalf

Why Choose Younergy?

Energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions are a smart investment for any building. However, when it comes to technology providers and service companies, the number of options can be an overwhelming decision that prevents property owners from moving forward. What makes Younergy stand out from the crowd?

Quality technologies, guaranteed comfort

Younergy works exclusively with the most trusted brands in heat pump technology. Whether you have a single family home, an apartment complex or a commercial building, we will help you find the solution that best meets your property’s needs.

Attractive design

Our robust portfolio is sure to include a heat pump technology that fits with your design aesthetic. With brushed aluminum components, robust frames and integrated control displays, our solutions make an attractive addition to any room.

Broad functionality

No two properties are exactly alike. Our technologies can serve a number of functions, including simultaneous heating and cooling, humidity monitoring, and automatic ventilation, to keep your building comfortable and your operations efficient.

Remote management

Younergy customers can connect their devices to the internet and access the MyYounergy portal, which enables remote system monitoring, analysis and diagnostics. You can also track your property’s electricity consumption and solar production in real time to gain additional insight into other opportunities to increase energy efficiency.

Smart grid ready

Younergy’s smart heat pumps feature embedded intelligence that can quickly determine when cheaper electricity is available, either from your solar system or from the local grid. Your heat pump will automatically draw electricity from the cheapest source to maximize your savings.

Simplified transportation and maintenance

Our turnkey offerings are based on a modular design, making it easier than ever to transport and replace single components without the need to deconstruct an entire unit. This equates to shorter downtimes and lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of your system.

Our Trusted Partners

Solar Energy and Heat Pumps: A Winning Duo

While heat pumps go a long way toward improving a building’s energy efficiency, incorporating an on-site solar energy system can significantly boost your economic and environmental benefits. For more information on how these technologies work together, please see our Heat Pump Integration page.

Good to know: Thanks to an accumulator, you will be able to store hot water and be able to benefit from solar power even at night, 24 hours a day.

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