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The Gysin family owns and operates a Solar-Abo farm in Wisen, SO. Mr. and Mrs. Gysin considered making the switch to solar energy for several years to achieve both the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy. However, the daily demands of farm management left little time for the Gysins to conduct the extensive research and planning often required to finance, design and install a solar system. It was clear the family needed some help to make their solar dreams a reality.

The Gysins selected Younergy as their solar partner based on the company’s track record of delivering tailored, hassle-free clean energy experiences for customers across Switzerland. The Younergy team worked closely with the Gysins to determine the best financing and technology options to meet the unique needs of the farm and its residents. Given the Gysins’ busy schedules, they needed to take a hands-off approach to green power generation — simplicity was a necessity. The team recommended Younergy’s Solar-Abo model, which would allow the Gysins to access the green electricity generated by an on-site solar system without the responsibility of system ownership and maintenance.

The Younergy team managed the planning process on the Gysins’ behalf, including compiling and filing all the required permits and paperwork. The company’s experts installed a 10.62 kWp solar system atop the sloped roof of the stables in just one day, but were faced with a tricky situation when it came time to connect the project to the grid. The Gysins’ property is considerably larger than the average residence, and the stables are located quite a distance from the main house and the electric box. Upon assessment, the Younergy team — including expert electrician Joao O. — determined the best option was to run the cables under the ground and to the connection point. This innovative engineering was completed without incident and the Gysins’ system was successfully connected in December 2018.

Project Overview


Wisen, SO

Younergy Solution:


System Size:

10.62 kWp

System Production:

11,432 kWh per year

System Surface:

61.2 m2

Module Technology:

36 Suntech STP295 Polycrystalline Silicon Panels

Additional Components:

1 SolarEdge SE10K Inverter; 36 P300-P5 SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Installation Date:

December 2018


The Solar-Abo was the perfect solution for our family and our business.

The Final Result

Thanks to Younergy and its Solar-Abo model, the client was able to easily enhance the sustainability of their business by powering their operations with clean, affordable energy from the sun.

“The Solar-Abo was the perfect solution for our family and our business,” said Mrs. Gysin. “Not only do we pay less per kWh than we do with our utility company, we were also able to get a system up and running without any investment in the solar panels themselves.”

Down the line, the family plans to partner with Younergy to add a solar battery to the system, which will maximize self-consumption of the energy generated from the rooftop solar array. Until then, the family has recommended Younergy to a number of friends and colleagues who are also interested in tapping the benefits of clean energy.

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