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Quick, Efficient EV Charging Where You Need It Most

Tailored Charging Solutions for Every Building and Every EV

Whether you would like to install EV charging equipment in a private garage or a shared parking lot, and whether you need to charge one vehicle or an entire fleet, Younergy offers a wide range of products to meet customers’ diverse requirements
You can select a complete, turnkey system, or browse our full suite of individual components including AC/DC chargers, energy storage systems and solar carport technologies to design your energy ecosystem from the ground up. We can also retrofit EV charging infrastructure into an existing solar energy system.

Our charging equipment is compatible with the leading EV makes and models, from the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, to the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe. Get in touch today to learn more about Younergy’s e-mobility solutions and receive your free offer
We will get you charged up and on the road in no time!

Why Select Younergy For E-Mobility?


Comprehensive, Tailored Solutions

Our expert team will happily work with you to identify the right equipment for your e-mobility needs, manage the installation process and integrate your EV charger(s) with your solar system.

  • Personalized support for each customer, including an environmental assessment of each charging point’s location and unique performance needs
  • Swift, safe installation by a certified electrician in accordance with local regulation (ITC)-BT-52
  • Seamless integration with your solar system
  • Routine maintenance and 24/7 system support

Simple System Management, from Anywhere

With the MyYounergy portal, customers can remotely access their equipment to monitor, analyze and control charging progress across an entire fleet. Maximize the financial benefits of on-site e-mobility equipment by programming charging sessions during periods of peak solar production and lower electricity costs.
You can also track your property’s electricity consumption and solar production in real time to gain additional insight into other opportunities to increase energy efficiency.


Sleek, High-Performance Technologies

Connecting your EV charging infrastructure to your solar system helps to optimize self-consumption of clean electricity and can allow you to cruise the streets for less than 3 CHF/100 km. Our smart control system enables customers to automate this process to ensure every excess green electron you generate can be used to fuel your vehicle, rather than feeding back into the grid at a subpar remuneration rate.


Fuel Your Car with the Sun

Connecting your EV charging infrastructure to your solar system helps to optimize self-consumption of clean electricity and can allow you to cruise the streets for less than 3 CHF/100 km. Our smart control system enables customers to automate this process to ensure every excess green electron you generate can be used to fuel your vehicle, rather than feeding back into the grid at a subpar remuneration rate.


The electric vehicle revolution has begun. Now is the time to join the global transition to sustainable, CO2-free mobility.

Let’s Design a Customized System for Your Property

Compact and powerful for the private sector

Our charging solutions for the private sector. Fast, fully automatic charging of your electric vehicle. Whether Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, VW e-Golf, BMW i3 or Renault ZOE. Our solutions are characterized by simple integration into your existing system and intelligent load management.

The online capable wallbox for intelligently controlled charging

The c-series also offers the features of the b-series with more communication interfaces: Ethernet LSA+ for a permanent communications link to Smart Home Server or additional KeContact P30 Simply bill the company or the leasing company for energy charged at home with the KeContact P30.

What is Smart Charging, and How Does it Work?

Optimize Self-Consumption of your Solar Electicity

Integrating an electric vehicle charging station into your solar system boosts the profitability of going solar. Younergy will help you take control of your clean energy ecosystem with the help of intelligent technology. Sophisticated software will analyze when and how you use your vehicle and automate your charging schedule to optimize energy efficiency and system economics. Rather than feeding all of your excess solar power back into the regional grid at a less attractive rate, your system will automatically and inexpensively charge the EV battery. Then, once the battery is fully charged, any remaining electricity is sent to the grid for remuneration.

Hit the Road Quickly with Fast-Charging Mode

When you need to charge your EV as soon as possible, your equipment’s fast-charging mode rapidly fuels your vehicle with a combination of solar power and local grid electricity. With fast charging, your EV’s battery can reach 80% capacity in less than 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of combining a solar system and EV charging station?

Solar energy and EV charging are a perfect duo, allowing customers to optimize self-consumption of on-site renewable energy. By sending excess solar power to your EV charging station, you can significantly lower your fuel costs to less than 3 CHF per 100 km. Additionally, the more green electrons you can consume on your property, the more you will reduce your CO2 footprint and increase your independence from regional energy companies. Younergy offers a number of solutions to expand your clean energy ecosystem. Please reach out to our team for a customized look at how you can benefit.

What is the cost to charge an electric vehicle for a range of 100 km?

Exact costs will vary based on regional electricity rates, as well as whether you source electricity from the grid or from your solar system. Taking into account the average electricity rates across Switzerland, the approximate cost to charge an electric vehicle is 3.36 CHF (for grid power) and 1.92 CHF (for solar power) per 100 km.

As a general guideline, you can compare prices for a VW Golf, VW e-Golf and VW Golf TDI:

Petrol 7 l x 1,56 CHF/l = 10,92 CHF
Diesel 6,0 l x 1,60 CHF/l = 9,60 CHF
Electricity (Mains) 16 kWh x 0,21 CHF = 3,36 CHF
Electricity (Solar Power) 16 kWh x 0,12 CHF = 1,92 CHF

Can solar panels really cover my annual EV mileage?

Absolutely! While every customer’s circumstances will differ, let us assume an annual mileage of 10,000 km. To meet these charging needs with solar energy, a minimum output of about 1.7 kWp is recommended, which translates into approximately 10 m2 of solar panel coverage. Given that the average household in Switzerland has approximately 140 m2 of surface area and a yearly electricity consumption of 4,500 kW, an appropriately-sized system would produce approximately 6 kWp. Considering a self-consumption rate of roughly 30%, a standard installation would easily cover your annual charging needs. The Younergy team would be happy to provide a customized quote on your property’s clean energy potential.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

This calculation depends on the vehicle and charging equipment used. While most EVs can be charged with a standard 230V household outlet, it can take up to 20 hours to reach a full charge using this method. This process is significantly expedited with an EV charger. Younergy offers EV chargers of either 3.7 kW or 11 kW in size — the larger the charger, the faster the charge.

As a guideline, you will find below the average charging times for a BMW i3, using our solutions:

BMW i3 * Hardy Barth cPu1, 3.7 kW = 11 hours
BMW i3 * Hardy Barth cPu1, 11 kW = 4 hours

What steps are required for installation, and what are the costs?

Younergy offers comprehensive services to get your charging solution installed and operational with no hassle to you. Our experts will work with you to determine the best technology options to serve your property and vehicle(s). Then, our certified construction team takes over to manage preparations (laying the foundation, removing the existing electrical box, etc.), system installation (laying cables, adding safety switches, etc.), and grid connection. For the majority of customers, this process can be completed in fewer than 2 days.

Pricing begins at 1.700 CHF and varies based on the charging equipment, system location and necessary materials. Please contact our team for a customized quote, free of charge.

Which extra functions are available?

Younergy offers a number of optional features to help you maximize the benefits of on-site EV charging.

Access control: For customers who install charging infrastructure in public areas or areas that are accessible to multiple tenants/employees, access can be regulated using RFID technology or a simple key.

Load management:For customers with multiple charging units, dynamic load management (or DLM) can optimize your property’s charging needs so that electricity is evenly distributed across all connected EVs at a given time, and so charging is completed at full volume whenever enough capacity is available.

Does my electric vehicle have the right plug?

Your plug type will depend on your vehicle’s manufacturer. While the majority of models produced for the European market require a “Type 2” plug, American and Asian manufacturers typically use the “Type 1” plug.

Our team will work with you to determine which plug type is compatible with your vehicle and present several technology options tailored to your vehicle’s specifications.

Ready to Switch to Clean Energy?
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