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Emil Frey AG is the largest automotive dealer in Switzerland, with locations across the country. Founded in 1924, the company’s core pillars include commitments to innovation and sustainability in pursuit of exceptional service for its customers. When the group decided to renovate its dealership in Crissier, VD, both Emil Frey executives and the local municipality supported a simultaneous upgrade to the facility’s energy infrastructure.

When searching for a clean energy partner, it was important to the Emil Frey team to find an organization that shared its dedication to both environmental stewardship and customer service. The team ultimately determined that Younergy was the right fit for their needs.

Younergy’s team worked closely with the contractors overseeing roof reconstruction, including architect Sven Eckert, to ensure the solar installation was completed on a schedule that worked for the entire group. Together, the teams worked diligently to build the project on time and on budget.

In addition to the solar system, the Younergy team installed 31 energy meters around the site. This was done not only to help managers monitor system output, but also to provide more insight into energy consumption patterns within the building. Understanding how and when its tenants use energy allows Younergy’s experts to advise property managers on opportunities to enhance efficiency and guides the Emil Frey team toward smarter decisions about future energy upgrades.

Project Overview

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Crissier, VD

Younergy Solution

Solar Direct

System Size

99 kWp

System Production

104,000 kWh per year

System Surface

567 m2

Module Technology

344 Suntech STP290 Polycrystalline Silicon Panels

Additional Components

1 ABB Inverter

Installation Date

February 2019


Working alongside Younergy was a great experience. Their professionalism and dedication mirrored that of our team and helped us deliver top-notch results on this project.
Mr. Sven Eckert, Architect


Emil Frey executives were pleased with Younergy’s seamless process and quality technology portfolio. Following this successful partnership, the organization tapped Younergy to lead a new project on its facility in Nyon, VD. The groups will also collaborate on a program to offer Younergy’s e-mobility solutions to Emil Frey customers who purchase BMW brand electric vehicles.

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