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Upgrade your building and delight your tenants with solar energy.

Creating a Solar Community for Your Tenants

New energy laws in Switzerland allow tenants to join together and adopt solar power for their homes or workplaces by forming what’s known as a self-consumption community (ZEV). While clean energy delivers numerous benefits to all parties, including energy bill savings to a reduced environmental footprint, it can be challenging for property owners to navigate these new regulations without support. Fortunately, Younergy’s experts are here to guide you through each step of the process.

Why Should You Invest in Solar Energy?

In addition to the advantages clean energy brings to your tenants, going solar is a smart investment for any property owner. Modernizing your energy system not only boosts the value of your property, it can also help you qualify for tax credits and financial incentives as well. And once your system is installed, you and your tenants will pay the same or less for electricity generated by the sun compared to electricity from the local grid.

Take Control of Your Energy Production

Adding a solar energy system to your property reduces reliance on your utility company and helps you hedge against the rising costs of electricity generated from fossil fuels. Additionally, by joining the movement toward decentralized energy, your building will help to stabilize local grid operations and reduce the need for costly new infrastructure required for centralized, fossil fuel-based resources.

Benefits of Sustainable Property Development

Younergy is helping property owners across Switzerland to develop and renovate more sustainable buildings with forward-thinking energy solutions. We simplify your path to solar power and assist your tenants in maximizing self-consumption of green electricity, enabling energy savings for all from day one. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you invest in clean energy.

Access subsidies and tax benefits to offset upfront costs and accelerate return on investment

Reduce dependence on regional utility companies

Create energy savings opportunities for tenants

Boost property values with clean energy upgrades

Safeguard against rising electricity costs

Maximize self-consumption with additional clean energy offerings, including energy storage, smart heating and cooling, and electric vehicle chargers

Support Environmental Goals and Set a Positive Example in Your Neighborhood

The Swiss government has set its sights on transforming our energy landscape by the year 2050. As the country moves away from fossil fuels and toward renewables, every citizen will be counted upon to do their part. Younergy can help you get ahead of the curve and slash your environmental impact for decades to come.

Cut your carbon footprint

The air pollution created by fossil fuel-based electricity generation for multi-tenant buildings is a major contributor to global carbon emissions. Installing a renewable energy system on your property significantly decreases your building’s carbon footprint from day one.

Support the local grid

Decentralized electricity generation through residential and commercial solar systems is the future of energy. By generating power for your building on site, you and your tenants are easing the demand on the local grid. This not only stabilizes grid operations and reduces the risk of power outages, it also mitigates the need for utilities to expand their fossil fuel-based generation and distribution infrastructure.

Combat climate change

The health of our planet depends upon the collective actions of people and organizations around the world. Making the switch to clean energy is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and future generations. Inspire your community to show their environmental support with solar power!

Turnkey Solutions, Including End Customer Management

Younergy’s team of experts will lead you and your tenants through the formation and management of a self-consumption community.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your building and its energy needs to determine the technical feasibility and potential financial benefits you can achieve with solar power. With this information, we will develop and present to you a customized solution that includes:
This step includes:

Estimate of energy bill savings

Technology recommendations from our robust portfolio of components

Breakdown of administrative requirements in your municipality

Our team will advise and support you in all bureaucratic matters involved with establishing a self-consumption community for your tenants. The advantages you can promote to your tenants include:
This step includes:

Cost savings through access to cheaper solar power from their own roof

Higher self-consumption of solar power equates to less feedback into the grid for remuneration at low rates

Reduction of environmental footprint by slashing CO2 production

We take full ownership for project planning, management, and construction. Our team will be on site at your community until the control system is put into operation, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere. Our services include:
This step includes:

Tailored recommendations on solar modules and additional components

System integration and configuration, as well as connection to the grid

Swift, reliable construction for minimum disruption to your building and its tenants

Once your solar system is installed and connected to the grid, we will assist you with administration and billing through a simple online interface. We will also monitor and maintain your system remotely to ensure smooth operation over its lifetime.
This step includes:

Monitoring of electricity production and consumption

Hassle-free system diagnostics and maintenance

Easy-to-understand invoicing

What Are My Financial Options?

When it comes to a major decision like adopting clean energy, we know it is important to have options. No matter your needs and preferences, Younergy has a solution to help you go solar on your own terms. See a comparison of our options below to determine which is right for you

Equipment Cost

Cost Savings




Go solar for zero down

No equipment costs — you only pay for the electricity generated

Electricity costs are the same or lower than local utility rates

Quarterly billing, according to energy generated

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 20 years

Solar Direct

Own your system

Priced according to system size – national and local incentives can cover up to 30% of upfront costs

Average electricity cost savings of 20 to 30% over the lifetime of your system

Multiple financing options available

Maintenance, monitoring and warranty coverage for 5 years (with optional extension)

Solar Direct

When you’re ready to buy a system to own yourself

  • Equipment CostVaries by system size and components
  • Energy CostNone
  • Contract Duration
    No contract
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty5 years included
  • AdvantagesMaximizes savings and returnsCantonal Subsidy and tax deductionProperty value increase MORE ON SOLAR-DIRECT

Solar Nation

We install and maintain one of our systems on your roof. You only ever pay for the energy that you consume

  • Equipment CostCHF 0.-
  • Energy CostAt least 5% cheaper than the average
    price in your region
  • Contract Duration
    20 years
  • Maintenance
    20 years
  • Warranty20 years
  • AdvantagesNo upfront costFree System Maintenance by our Solar ExpertsOption to buy the system at any time

Solar Abo

We install and maintain one of our systems on your roof. You only ever pay for the energy that the system produces

  • Equipment CostCHF 0.-
  • Energy CostFixed rate per kWh produced
  • Contract Duration
    20 years
  • Maintenance
    20 years
  • Warranty20 years
  • AdvantagesNo upfront costFree Maintenance by our Solar ExpertsOption to buy the system at any time

We Take Care of Your Tenants

We leave it to you to determine whether Younergy or one of our trusted energy control partners will assume control over the management and billing aspects of your solar system. No matter which path you choose, we ensure you and your tenants receive hassle-free, responsible service at all times.

Regular communication with community members

Routine billing based on electricity consumption

Accurate metering

Easy-to-understand invoicing

Personalized customer support


*Performed by Younergy or a trusted energy control partner.

Frequently Asked Questions


My tenants would like to form a self-consumption community. How do we start?

Forming an ZEV has never been easier! If you and your tenants are ready to go solar, simply get in touch with Younergy. Together we will explore the shared financial and environmental benefits of solar energy for your property.

How much will my solar electricity cost?

Your electricity costs will depend on several factors, including the size of the solar system, the number of members in the self-generation community, and the amount of electricity they consume. Your tenants can maximize their energy savings by making simple adjustments to your electricity consumption patterns to better match peak solar generation (midday) whenever possible.

How does billing work?

Invoices are issued directly from Younergy or a trusted energy control partner on a quarterly basis, following an assessment of the building’s overall electricity consumption. With the help of smart energy meters, each user can be billed according to a precise calculation of their individual consumption (including electricity from both the solar system and the power grid).

How long does installation take?

On average, solar system installation is completed within seven (7) business days. Before construction of your system begins, Younergy will deliver a customized plan detailing the timeline of installation.

Will my building be without power during the installation?

We will require approximately 15 minutes of power outage during meter replacement. Aside from this brief disruption, we make every effort to mitigate inconvenience to your home or business throughout the construction process.

Can a tenant opt out of the self-consumption community?

Depending upon the terms of your rental agreement, a tenant can refuse to participate in the self-generation community. After signing an agreement, tenants can leave the self-consumption community under certain circumstances:

  • when demand for market access exists (consumption greater than 100,000 kWh / year).
  • when the property owner fails to provide access to secure electricity supply.
  • when the OCC charges an unjustified price.

Ready to Switch to Clean Energy?

We are happy to answer your questions, with no obligation on your part. Please give us a call at 0800 800 850 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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